Twenty and Thrive(ing)

Happy Sunday beautiful readers!

Hungry and broke? I have the solution for you!

As I am prepping to begin for the first full week of school with the new students, I’m planning the ways I may need to fuel throughout the day. I am a huge meal planner but this coming week promises to be pretty hectic so I need to make sure my snack game is on point in case mealtimes aren’t consistent. Enter my favorite shopping site of all time- Thrive Market.

Just a few of the goodies from my last order- got ’em all 30% cheaper than Whole Foods price point!

I discovered Thrive a few months ago while it was still in beta and fell in love. This is basically the love child of Whole Foods and Costco but without the price tag (of WF) or the hassle (of Costco)- an online site to order from a never-ending selection of healthy foods and snacks at wholesale pricing! With free shipping on orders over $49, I order every month or so to stock myself up on snacks and staples to keep me going when I’m on the run.

I’m so pumped to pack all my little snacks to get me through the day! I encourage you to browse through their site, which you can find at the link below. If you end up with a membership through this unique promo link, you can get 20% off your first order! Link below:

Happy trails(mix)!



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