Welcome To the Real World

“Welcome to the real world.”

The phrase so many of us have so many feelings about- excitement, fear, anxiety, hope. The phrase I heard just two short months ago while celebrating graduation with some of the greatest friends I will ever know. The phrase I heard again from mom while we lugged IKEA treasures into my first apartment. The phrase that dripped with sarcasm as I wrote out my first rent check for said apartment. And the phrase with which I induct this blog; a brainchild I have been brewing for a few years now and take the plunge with today. So, welcome to the real world, blog. And welcome to my world, readers.

On the off-chance that this little corner of the internet ever draws in readers who do not know me in real life- my friends call me Jess. I just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and am learning to navigate my twenties within the beautiful/crazy/energetic city of Philadelphia. I begin my first full-time position teaching this September at a renaissance elementary school in Camden, NJ with the lofty goals of someday being a large cog in the machine that is transforming public education. I love social justice, cooking, my dog Ruby, correctly contracting you + are, spending hours on Pinterest, and all people who have a passion that they pursue relentlessly.

This blog represents a collection of my ideas, sources of inspiration, reflections on life, aspirations, and all the fun outfits and meals that fuel my everyday. One of my favorite leisure activities is scouring lifestyle blogs, YouTube outfits-of-the-day videos, and career-girl websites. One day I sort of thought to myself- why not share all this stuff I’m obsessed with? (At the very least, I can re-read the posts and BAM! instant audience!).

I come across so many angles of advising the “twenty-something” demographic but it so often feels like the material is cultivated by those who are so out of reach. I have yet to find a voice of the twenty-something that is truly living the adventure alongside us all . So I’ve decided to start speaking. I hope you enjoy.


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